Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Looking in the mirror

What happens when a dancer wants to look good? He looks in a mirror. A mirror is something which tells you about yourself how good is it what you do. You watch yourself from an outsider's point of visual view.

Is there other means to tell you about yourself? You can direct your internal eye of attention into your own body. What to look at? Move your had in the air. You hardly can feel it nor understand what does it do. Now watch the tension in your muscles, stretching in your joints. Do not feel it? Then tense your muscles, stretch you joints! Suddenly your arm, leg, foot, the whole body becomes "visible" to you. Maintain moving with "visibility". Welcome to a world you you own body!

Manipulating with tensions in your muscles and keeping joints and muscles stretched you can create an appropriate "mirror" to "visualize" each of your movements. It may require paying attention to other muscles and joints, not participating as much in a movement as one might think.

Is there something else?..

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