Thursday, March 31, 2005

Flamenco and Tango

I do not write Flamenco vs Tango, because there is no any "versus". These two go together.
Here is my post about Flamenco and Tango relation and "Flamenco", a film by Carlos Saura

Argentine Tango in San Francisco

This blog ( I call it forum ) and the topic allow to discuss Argentine Tango in San Francisco and particularly what me, Igor Polk puts on his tango website. If you want to make our tango discussions public - here you are.

The way to dance Apilado

The distinction is leaning :0 When you lean to each other you should experience relaxation :? Keep the balance and try to do things. Start with small side steps. Turn it into fun! Then slowly learn to progress forward. Back step is most difficult. Ocho cortado comes naturally, like a click :)! Keep legs stright! Do not hang. Read the full article A way to dance Argentine Tango in Apilado style here. :D
There is another article: (with pictures!) "Perfect Apilado Position"